Dear customers,

We, TOKURA CORPORATION will celebrate the 60th year anniversary in 2007 since its foundation. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continuous support and patronage throughout those years. Holding up "Fraternity" as our creed, we are proud of our company's history as a result of our spirit to tackle any difficult task and strive toward perfection. It is said "Continuity is Power". Succeeding 60 years tradition, we will do our best to continue to offer you high quality and best price in 21st century. In Japan, the time of high growth and stability has ended, and we are facing the time of restructuring and survival. At this moment, we will pursuit of our ideals; "the company of high quality technology and performance" , and "self-realization of working people". We hope your support and patronage in the future.

President Masaharu Tokura